In the 21st century many ancestral beliefs are struggling to survive in a hostile, fast-changing world. In southeast Ivory Coast, some Akan communities still make contact with the spirits through Komians or animistic priests who go into a trance and are possessed by the spirits of the Forest and the Waters.

Jean Marie Addiaffi (1941-1999), a writer and intellectual from Ivory Coast, fought to conserve the Akans’ oral literature, myths and legends, and the knowledge and uses of the plants.
In the film “Return to the land of souls”, Yéo Douley, a disciple of Jean Marie Addiaffi , will set out on a journey to visit his master’s grave and carry out a ritual libation. On his travel, he will attend the initiation rites of three people chosen by the spirits and witness one of them proclaimed as the new Komian or high animistic priest.

Basado en el libro Viaje al país de las almas, rodado en Costa de Marfil. El retorno al país de las almas es un acercamiento al mundo del animismo africano, en el que documenta los rituales iniciáticos y los fenómenos de posesión.